Your Story Matters

Your Story Matters

April is observed as Sexual Assault Awarenss Month (SAAM) - an annual tradition started over 20 years ago to raise awareness surrounding sexual assault, abuse, and harrasment. This movement continues to educate communities on how to recognize abuse, prevent it, and support survivors. At Bryan Anthonys we believe in the power of sharing our stories, and are dedicated to amplifying the voices of survivors. Below are quotes from Overcome, Strength, Sun Will Rise, Forgive, I Am Enough, and Self Love - reminders to trust in yourself, love yourself, protect your soul, and never be afraid to shine through the darkness.

Always remember that you have a safe space with BA - we are a community who will forever support and encourage your journey. We hope you know that your story matters - you are loved and you are heard. 

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The storm emerged without any warning, without any sign. She never saw it coming — a whirlwind of darkness, uprooting her present and cascading shadows over her future. A true collision of disruption and despair, she finds herself consumed by chaos — her faith unraveling as it disappears into the cries of the sky. And in the midst of heartache, she decides that she can either dwell in her disasters or she can learn to weather them — she can let the storm break her or she can let it build her. It’s in this moment of clarity that she begins to fight her way out of darkness. It’s in this moment of grace that she stops running from her storm and starts following her rainbow.
– Overcome

One spark of strength to light the darkest of moments - never underestimate your strength, you are stronger than you think. 
– Strength

Sometimes it feels like you're stuck, like you're motionless. But nothing lasts forever — what is broken, can be put back together and what is hurt, can be healed. Tomorrow is an entryway. Tomorrow is a second chance. Tomorrow is a new day — the sun will rise again. 
– Sun Will Rise

Forgive yourself for the nights where you were unable to give your mind peace, for the nights where your worries ran wild beneath your chest. There is courage in the way you heal — a true giver of grace, allowing yourself to feel, letting the aches unravel so that growth can take place. 
– Forgive

It is ok to feel. It is ok to widen your heart, to move to a place of expansion — there is beauty in vulnerability. Worthiness comes from within, so do not build a home for it inside someone else. You are more than their perceptions. You are more than their words. You are enough. Please remember that you are the only person who defines your value — so be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself. You are brave, capable and strong. You are thoughtful and empathetic. You are deserving. You are worthy. 
– I Am Enough

Amber Glassman, CEO & Co-Founder

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