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Soul Sisters Arrow Feather Ring on card

Soul Sisters Arrow Feather Ring

$10.00 $29.00 (66 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys Soul Sisters Gold Arrow Stud Earrings On Card OUT OF STOCK

Soul Sisters Arrow Stud Earrings

$18.00 $36.00 (50 % OFF)

bryan anthonys 2 inch necklace extender rose gold

2" Extender Chain {Rose Gold}

$2.00 $5.00 (60 % OFF)

Jewelry is a meaningful gift that keeps on giving. Every piece of Bryan Anthonys jewelry is thoughtfully designed to tell a story. Each of our designs focus on purpose and style with a message of meaning. Our jewelry is impactful and encouraged to be gifted or kept as a token of love and positivity. Each piece of jewelry is a part of a story representing one who is authentic, free-spirited, and thrives on connection.

What is the difference between fashion jewelry, demi-fine, and fine?

Our 14k gold and silver finishes give our products a unique appearance. All of our products are plated nickel-free and sealed with a clear anti-tarnish coating to help protect the piece and provide a long lasting hold to its finish. Our demi-fine collection is designed with the intention to carry your most meaningful stories longer and keep what matters close. Demi-fine is a type of jewelry made with precious metals aimed to last a lifetime when cared for properly. Our demi-fine collection includes Gold Vermeil and Sterling Silver classics for your everyday wear. Each piece is made with 925 Sterling Silver bases, 2.5 microns thick 14k Gold Vermeil, studded with semi-precious gemstones, and e-coated for a soft, lustrous hue.

How do you clean and care for jewelry?

It is important to care properly for your jewelry. Store your jewelry in original packaging or a soft pouch when not in use and avoid hard contact with objects that can scratch or chip the finish. Avoid chemicals that may contain harsh abrasives, such as jewelry cleaner or polish and beauty products. Avoid getting your jewelry wet by removing it before activities such as swimming, showering, or exercising. Following these steps will ensure it lasts for years to come.

Can you mix and match gold and silver jewelry?

Mixing metals with similar themes, sizes, and textures can create a classic chic look. When mixing metals, layer different jewelry pieces on top of each other such as multiple necklaces around your neck or a few rings on your fingers. Try different combinations to determine your personal style of choice. To create visual interest, wear necklaces of different lengths to avoid tangling and pair rings of varying thicknesses. When mixing different styles of metals aim for balance in the number of metal pieces you wear and try to mix metals evenly throughout your look. Mixing up your metals can be a fun, creative way to get that eclectic look.