Women's Jewelry

Jewelry truly is the meaningful gift that keeps on giving. Jewelry from Bryian Anthonys is even more than that. Whether you’re looking for the right necklace, the perfect bracelet, earrings that make a statement, a ring that catches the most discerning eye, or demi-fine jewelry, we’ve got the perfect, dainty, sweet piece you’ve been looking for.

What is the difference between fine, demi-fine, and fashion jewelry?

While fine jewelry might require less care overall, it comes with a higher price tag in exchange. Demi-fine jewelry is bridging the gap between inexpensive fashion jewelry and high-end fine lines. If you want high quality, yet reasonably priced beautiful jewelry, demi-fine is that sweet spot you’ve been looking for.

How do you clean and care for jewelry?

Caring for your jewelry will ensure it lasts for years to come. Regularly wipe off any makeup or oil from your skin each time you take off your jewelry. With a 100% cotton cloth wrapped around the jewelry, simply use the soft pads of your fingers to wipe along the piece. It does the trick in no time and will make your jewelry last for years.

Can you mix and match gold and silver jewelry?

While ultimately, wearing both gold and silver together is a personal choice, it can create a classic, eclectic look for your jewelry collection. Mix up your metals to get a fun, creative, put-together vibe that showcases all of your stunning pieces.

bryan anthonys mother daughter butterfly necklace set 14k gold

Wings to Fly Necklace Set

$47.60 $68.00 (30 % OFF)

bryan anthonys designs for a difference pause necklace anxiety give back 14k gold

Pause Necklace

$22.50 $45.00 (50 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys Five Year Anniversary Bracelet 14k Gold LOW STOCK

5 Year Anniversary Bracelet

$50.00 $99.00 (49 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys Squad Gold Engraved Cuff On Card LOW STOCK

Squad Engraved Cuff

$29.40 $49.00 (40 % OFF)

 Bryan Anthonys Self Love Gold Engraved Cuff On Card LOW STOCK

Self Love Engraved Cuff

$29.40 $49.00 (40 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys I Am Enough Gold Signet Ring On Card LOW STOCK

I Am Enough Signet Ring

$22.50 $45.00 (50 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys Overcome Gold Engraved Cuff On Card LOW STOCK

Overcome Engraved Cuff

$29.40 $49.00 (40 % OFF)