Bryan Anthonys inspirational collection of cuff bracelets are delicate yet striking. They can be worn alone or stacked for a real statement. Our cuffs are available in several elegant designs that are open on the back for that classic cuff fit and feel. Choose one with sentimental meaning and the perfect message that’s just right, whether you’re buying for yourself, or you’re giving a cuff bracelet to someone special in your life. Bryan Anthonys cuffs are made out of brass and come in nickel-free 14k gold Vermeil and silver finishes. The adjustable size makes them a perfect fit, every time.

What do cuff bracelets symbolize?

Cuff bracelets have been around since the days of Cleopatra and have withstood the test of time. Worn by fashionistas like Jackie O., Coco Chanel, and even Wonder Woman, cuffs remain a chic fashion statement today. Some cultures are known for the fine style, where cuffs can be a sign of royalty and extreme wealth. Today, they’re the perfect addition to any occasion or outfit.

What is the difference between a cuff bracelet and a bangle bracelet?

The difference between a cuff bracelet and a bangle bracelet is the dainty opening in the back of a traditional cuff. Bangles are closed circles that move freely on the arm. The cuff, by contrast, is designed to wear lower on the wrist bone.

How do you wear a cuff bracelet?

Your cuff bracelet will usually only need to be adjusted once, the first time you fit it. To put on your cuff, simply place the opening on the narrow part of your wrist and roll your wrist into the bracelet. Lightly squeeze the cuff’s ends together to secure it on your arm.