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Valentines Day


Thanks for being my loudest laugh, my favorite part of the day, my home team. Thanks for middle of the night talks, for sharing your fries, for watching that show you hate just because i like it. Thanks for making me excited to stay in on a saturday night, for laughing at my jokes, for listening to me vent about my day. Thanks for being both my adventure and my certainty - my partner and my best friend. I hope you know that my happiest memories have been with you and no matter how much time goes by - I still get butterflies.


There are a lot of uncertainties in life, but one thing that i am certain of is you and me. If nothing else, i hope you know that i choose you, and i will choose you every single day. Although time has passed - i still fall for you each and every moment. I fall for you when you surprise me with morning coffee. I fall for you when you dance silly in the kitchen. I fall for you when you are my voice of reason. I fall for you when you push me to try something new. I fall for you when you inspire me to be a better person. I fall for the way you love, for the way you live, for the person you are. Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for filling my life with adventure, wonder, and happiness. I hope you know that I adore you without limits and as long as we are together, I will fall over and over.

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