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Bryan Anthonys is a nationwide online style destination that offers an eclectic mix of unique jewelry and accessories. Named after co-founder Amber Reynolds’ brother, whose young life was tragically taken due to a severe case of bacterial meningitis, Bryan Anythonys was founded from the verifiable truth that we are only given one life — Time isn't something that is guaranteed so we shouldn't waste it trying to be someone we are not.

When it comes to our products we are inspired by the stories behind them. We believe that style isn't something that can necessarily be identified or summed up in one or two words. To us, style is a powerful representation of ourselves. Style doesn't define us, but it can reflect our personality, interests, attitudes and moods —and so how can we possibly summarize all of that into a few short words, nonetheless categorize it.

Life is full of endless possibilities. It is filled with surprises and serendipity. Each new experience can add an interesting layer to who we are. Our products aren't designed to cater to an established signature style; they are created to invoke all aspects of a woman’s being. Our versatile collection is designed for the girl who is confident and comfortable with all that she is — romantic and feminine to bold and daring; a hard worker but knows how to have fun; nice and kind but doesn't let people take advantage of her. She enjoys life as she lives it, embraces her now and is always unapologetically herself.

We developed our brand, so that women can create their own style and feel good about any outfit choice. Although we value fashion, Bryan Anthonys was created to be more than just another fashion label. We realize that life is not just about finding the right accessory— deciding the way we dress or what we wear is just a small part of things. Style doesn't own us; we own style. The way we carry ourselves, the things we do and our perspective of the world is ultimately controlled by us — we decide the life that we want to live.

Bryan Anthonys is not just about selling products. Its an indication of lifes fragility and the importance of self expression. It ignites a feeling, an attitude, and a way of thinking that can be projected into our lifestyle. Its about being open to possibilities, trying new things and taking chances. Its about knowing who we are and what we want. Its about living life like we want it to mean something and making every moment we are given count.

bryan anthonys founders about us our story


Since their first date in 2009, Co-Founders Amber Reynolds & Edward Glassman quickly discovered they had a lot in common. Not only did they share a love of coffee, deserts, and highly addictive crime tv; they also held similar professional dreams — to be entrepreneurs and to make a difference in the world.
Despite their entrepreneurial ambitions, the couple followed what others deemed as the "right road" to success and went on to pursue other occupations. After years of living a life of “practicality”, they decided it was time to take a chance on uncertainty and follow their dreams. Inspired by Amber’s brother, Bryan Anthony Reynolds whose life was taken far too soon, they realized the unpredictability of life and the importance of now. Thinking about the things they wanted was no longer an option, they needed to go out there and do the things that they were passionate about. They needed to stop waiting and start living.

With a new outlook on life and a burning desire to create their own fate, they set out to create their business venture. Combining Edwards obsession with all things digital and Amber’s eye for fashion the two embarked on their new journey and began to create their own online style destination for women. Focusing on the unpredictability of everyday life and the many aspects of a woman’s being they worked on developing a unique product line that would allow a woman to be whoever she wanted to be and take on whatever was lying ahead.

As their designs were being developed, the couple struggled to think of a way in which they could offer their customers more than just products. Thinking back to their own expereinces, they decided to pass on the very concept that helped shape their new way of life. They wanted to inspire others to go out there and live the life that they were meant to live. Let go of all the drama, negativity and “what-ifs” in their life, and live life like it was meant to be lived — with passion, laughter, uncertainty, love, happiness, and a burning desire to wake up and do it all over again. With this in mind they decided to name the company Bryan Anthonys.

Fast Forward to 2015 — Bryan Anthonys is born. Amber and Edward are passionate about evolving their brand and hope that you feel limitless. You can be whoever you want to be.

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