Our intention for this company has always been to create a brand filled with passion and purpose. Part of having a meaningful brand involves creating a meaningful life—not just for yourself, but more importantly for the people around you and the world that you live in. When we open our hearts to each other, the world opens- this is how change happens.
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Movement Through Messages

Our Designs For A Difference Program

Connected through words - moved by change. We believe that all of our stories matter and together we can help each other be seen, heard, and supported.

Our Designs For A Difference program is created to help empower and support meaningful stories and causes. A portion of proceeds from designs featured in this collection goes back to helping non-profits share their stories and impact journeys.

When we open our hearts to each other, the world opens too – this is how the light gets through, this is how change happens.



Help Make An Impact

Create Change


Multiplying good

Bryan Anthonys is dedicated to transforming the way we view the world around us by embracing personal stories, that’s why we’ve decided to partner with Multiplying Good. They’re a non-profit that celebrates inspirational stories and believes that people are transformed through service to others. With immersive leadership training, opportunities for local engagement, and a prestigious awards platform to honor achievement, they help young leaders through their program, known as Students In Action (SIA) develop confidence in their ability to make the world a better place.

Join us in supporting Multiplying Good by donating a dollar at checkout today.

How Your Gift Multiplies Good


Help youth learn core skills, including empathy, impartiality, leadership, communication, and more.


Aid youth in expanding volunteer capacity by bringing them together to learn from each other through the process of community change.


Support the Jefferson Awards, where youth recognize their peers and community members for excellence in service.

Examples of Students In Action


In 2019 – 2020, nearly 5000 youth participated in over 600 service projects


Through broader school and community engagement 50,000 additional volunteers were activated


Collectively SIA participants impacted 1.1 million individuals

The Sage Oak SIA team in LA went on a mission to help children as they transition into foster care. The group pledged to do away with the trash bags used to transport childrens’ belongings and replaced them with Totes of Hope. They raised $7,500 and delivered 200 Totes of Hope, bringing comfort to kids in one the most challenging times of their lives.

The Darul Arqam SIA team completed 29 projects, engaged 400 of their peers, 100% of their school community, and collectively served more than 8,000 hours in the 2017/2018 school year. Moved by the effects of Hurricane Harvey the team partnered with NYPD to help send funds and supplies to the affected region.

Become a ripple of good, and make a difference

together we can make an impact.