Cross My Heart Mini Mantra

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The world is ever-changing, but there are some hearts that will never leave and some bonds that will never break. When the weight of uncertainty becomes too heavy to hold, I know that I can hold on to you. We can hold on to each other. And no matter how many people try to break down our walls, I take comfort in knowing that our friendship will always be a place to call home, a place to reside. As our journeys unfold we will remain side by side, celebrating each other's greatest moments and pouring light into any darkness that makes its way through. Thank you for always listening without judgment, understanding without hesitation, and loving without conditions. The best version of life will always have you in it. They say the world doesn't do forevers, but our friendship does. You will always be my certainty in a world full of maybes, my infinite in a life full of endings. I promise to always be there. You have a lifetime friend in me — I cross my heart.
Designed by Bryan Anthonys
Dimensions: 6"x 6"x 1.375"
Materials: Hand-stretched Matte White Canvas
Fade Resistant
Ready to Hang or Freestanding — perfect for desktop or shelf
Black Closed Backing with 7/8" Sawtooth