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In The Heart Of Necklace

Texas is a hard place to forget. It’s a place where the tea is sweet, but the people are sweeter. The state is big, but the people’s hearts are bigger. The days are warm, and the stars are bright. Fridays are cherished and spent under the lights. The flowers grow wild and the skies are blue. Passion runs deep and hearts are true. It’s a place for work and play. A place that encompasses strength and persistence – Texans always find a way. It’s a place where strength can be found in numbers - your neighbor is always there. There isn’t any place quite like it - nothing else can compare. You can travel from coast to coast. You can travel from sea to sea. But always remember your heart lies in Texas, it’s where its meant to be.

A delicate Texas emblem is adorned by a dainty heart. A red crystal is thoughtfully placed in the heart further symbolizing bravery. In the Texas state flag red signifies bravery.
Product Information & Fit
Made In America & Designed by Bryan Anthonys 
Length: 18"
Materials: Metal
Available Finishes: 14K Gold (Nickel Free) and Silver (Nickel Free)

Gift Wrapping: All items come gift wrapped - Click HERE to see our packaging
14k Gold
Earn up to 44 pts

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