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It Doesn't End Here Necklace

Sometimes life can be hard to navigate. It can shake you up and break you down. It can challenge you in ways you never thought it would. It can make you question who you are and where you are going. But I need you to remember one thing — it doesn’t end here. This is just one chapter in your infinite story. There is still so much to see, to tell, to do. You have the strength to overcome this — to end this chapter, to turn the page and begin again. The world has so much left for you. There are a million beautiful things waiting to be discovered. There are places you haven’t seen and people you haven’t met. There are books to read, dreams to chase, stars to count and waves to catch. Your story isn’t over —- it is just the beginning and if you just keep writing you will find that the pages get lighter, the chapters get better and the story itself is pretty incredible.


Product Information & Fit
Made In America & Designed by Bryan Anthonys 
Length: 18"
Materials: Metal
Available Finishes: 14K Gold (Nickel Free), Silver (Nickel Free) & Rose Gold (Nickel Free)

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14k Gold
Earn up to 39 pts

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