Love The Sky You're Under Earrings

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I hope you learn how to fall in love with your journey. Let go of your past, and recognize that your journey is yours for a reason. The challenges that you’ve faced have made you who you are today. They have led you to this very place — a place of growing, of becoming. I hope you learn how to look up at your own sky, in it's vastness, in its pure enchantment, and realize that there are a million uncharted galaxies waiting to be discovered. I hope you treasure the infinite possibilities while still breathing in the magic of the present. I hope you find the beauty in what’s here, what’s now. I hope you learn how to appreciate the radiance of your own sky instead of comparing it to someone else’s — I hope you spend less time chasing their stars and more time valuing your own. I hope you learn to trust in your journey. It is ever-changing, but through the light and the dark there’s always beauty. Have faith in yourself, own your story and instead of searching for a new sky, learn to love the one you're under — it’s where you belong. It’s where you are meant to be.
Information & Fit
Designed by Bryan Anthonys
Materials: Brass
Dimensions: 0.25" x 0.25" star, 1.25" chain
Available Finishes: 14k Gold (nickel-free), Silver (nickel-free)