What If Necklace

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What if you weren’t so hard on yourself? What if you gave yourself the same kind of love that you gave others? What if you loved your whole story instead of burying certain chapters? What if you let go of the heavy, of the past, of the half-hearted? No more settling for what doesn’t fill your soul. No more nourishing what’s reluctant to grow. What if you appreciated your past but decided to find a home in the present — unceasingly grasping the power of new beginnings and steadily breathing in the magic of fluidity. I promise you that your greatest growth will not happen in your knowing, it will happen in your believing — believing in yourself and in the power of possibilities. The life that you want and deserve is standing right in front of you — it’s hidden in the walls of your mind, heart and soul. If you fearlessly believe in what if it will it undoubtedly transform into what is. Anything is possible if you decide that is — everything you want is on the other side of what if.
Information & Fit
Designed by Bryan Anthonys
Base Material: Brass
Length: 16-20" Adjustable, Built-in Extender
Pendant Dimensions:  mm
Available Finishes: 14k Gold (nickel-free), Silver (nickel-free)