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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

Rings are the perfect accessory for any personal style or occasion. If you’re shopping for a new one, it's important to know how to measure ring size at home. A loose ring can fall off, while a tight ring can cut off circulation. Numeric ring sizes aren't always reliable, so it’s best to know your exact measurement so you can translate it into a ring size that will offer the perfect fit.

In this article, we’ll cover:

How is a Ring Measured?

There are two measurements for rings – the diameter (its length across) and the circumference (the size wrapped around the finger). The ring size guide below can be used to determine your ring size using mm for circumference or diameter.

Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm) Ring Size (US) Ring Size (UK)
49.3 15.7 5 J 1/2
51.9 16.5 6 L 1/2
54.4 17.3 7 O
57.0 18.2 8 Q
59.5 18.9 9 S
62.1 19.8 10 T 1/2


Check out our printable FIT GUIDE.

Ring Size Measurement Tools and Options

If you're wondering how to measure your ring size at home, you can use a ribbon, string or tape measure as a ring size measurement tool. Alternatively, jewelers can often send you a sizing guide for their custom rings. If your measurements aren't exact to a specific ring size, jewelers recommend that you size up to the next size.

Measure Your Ring Size with a Piece of String

If you’re wondering how to find out ring size at home without a tape measure, you can simply use a string or piece of paper. Be sure your fingers aren’t swollen and that you’re using the same tools to measure each time to ensure you get the most accurate measurement.

How to measure ring size with string:

Step 1: Take a string and wrap it snugly around the base of your finger.

Step 2: Take a marker and mark where the string touches the loose end.

Step 3: Use a ruler and measure the string size as it's lying flat on a surface. Use this measurement, compare the length you marked to a ring size measurement chart.

Use a Ring That Fits with a Ring Size Chart

If you want to know how to figure out your ring size without a string, you can use any ring you already wear and just compare it to another ring using the standard American and UK ring fit size chart.

How to determine your ring size with a ring size chart:

Step 1: Take a ring that you know fits and lay it flat on a surface.

Step 2: Take a ruler and measure the diameter in mm.

Step 3: Using this diameter, match it up to the nearest ring with the same size diameter on the chart.

Check out our printable FIT GUIDE.

Measure Your Ring Size with a Ring Sizer

For those asking how to find ring size at home the easiest way, a ring sizer can help.

How to use a ring sizer:

Step 1: Place the ring sizer on your finger with the numbers facing you.

Step 2: Wrap it until it’s snug at the base of your finger – make sure it’s not too tight or too loose.

Step 3: The arrow on the ring sizer will point to your ring size; pay attention to any additional measurements, including ½ sizes.

Measure Your Ring with a Tape Measure or Ruler

You can use a fabric tape measure to gauge the circumference of your finger, and then use that measurement to find your appropriate ring size. Make sure the tape measure is not too tight on your finger.

How to measure ring size with tape measure:

Step 1: Take the tape measure and place it at the base of your finger.

Step 2: Wrap it around your finger and mark where the tape ends touch each other.

Step 3: Use a ring size measurement chart to find the best fit by rounding to the nearest ring size up.

How to Make Sure Your Ring Fits Right

Your ring should slide over the knuckle with ease and not cut off circulation. To avoid discomfort (or worse, losing your ring altogether), it’s important to choose a ring that’s snug, but not super tight or too loose.

  • How to know if a ring is too tight: Your finger is turning blue, you have trouble removing your ring with ease or your ring gets stuck during certain times of the day.
  • How to know if a ring is too loose: Your ring is constantly falling off, you find that you’re needing to readjust it constantly.

What to Consider When Measuring Your Ring Size at Home

Ring sizes may differ based on the material of the ring, the jeweler you’re using or even the location you live in. This is important to keep in mind if you're buying a ring for a loved one.

When deciding on a ring size, use the following tips to ensure the perfect fit:

  • You’re In Between Ring Sizes: Round up to the next size.
  • Your Finger Shape: For tapered fingers, make sure the ring fits snug at the base. For fingers where the knuckle is bigger, adding sizing beads can keep the ring snug at the base of your finger.
  • The Band Width: Thinner bands run bigger, so size down. Thicker bands run smaller, so size up!
  • International Ring Sizing: If you're in a different country, such as the UK, use the local standard ring sizing measurements.
  • The Ring’s Material: Rings made of metal tend to run a bit smaller, so size up or ask a jeweler for advice.

When to Get Your Ring Size Professionally Measured

If you plan on investing in an expensive ring, don't risk getting the wrong size. If you're in doubt, reach out for help. A jewelry store can assist you in getting measured for a ring.

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Ring Size FAQ

What is the average ring size for a woman?

The average women’s ring size is a size 6 however it’s always good to measure your finger first beforehand to make sure the ring will fit properly.

How tight should a ring be?

A ring should always fit comfortably and be able to slide over your knucle without any hesitation or struggle. It should fit snug on the finger but not to snug were it becomes hard to remove.

Why do rings get tighter?

Rings do tend to fit more snug or tight depending on a number of reasons. It’s fairly common and normal to experience this during different seasons or if you may be retaining more water. If your ring tends to get too tight and uncomfortable, you may want to consider sizing up.

How do you wear a ring that is too big?

If your ring is too big to wear you can have it resized to fit properly or use a plastic ring guard to size down. Plastic ring guards are a popular option for those who do not want to resize a ring or need to temporarily resize a ring.

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