About Us

There are chapters inside of you waiting to be written. Craft each page with love and meaning, embrace the unexpected plot twists, and never underestimate the power of a blank page. You are the author of your own story. And your story matters.

Amber Glassman - Bryan Anthonys CEO

Named after co-founder Amber Glassman’s brother, whose young life was tragically taken due to a severe case of bacterial meningitis, Bryan Anthonys was founded on the verifiable truth of life’s fragility — we only have one life and time isn’t something that is guaranteed. The brand was created in honor of Bryan, with the hope of encouraging others to make their life and the lives around them meaningful.

At Bryan Anthonys, we create with purpose - All of our products contain meaning and are thoughtfully designed to relate to chapters in our lives, symbolizing feelings and moments in time that when strung together tell an incredible story. We believe that everyone has a beautiful and unique story to tell. Through the powerful writing of our founder, Amber Glassman - we empower others to share their own story. When we share our stories, we find pieces of ourselves within one another. Our meaningful products are designed to inspire an authentic connection between us and help us realize we are not alone in our journey.

Bryan Anthonys is not just a brand, it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle that’s filled with passion, empowerment and authenticity. It’s living with no regrets. It’s giving life a meaning and making every moment count

About the founders

In 2015, Amber & Edward Glassman, quit their full-time jobs and moved to Austin, Texas to chase the dream of creating an accessible lifestyle brand that was both modern and meaningful.

Through Ed's innovative digital marketing skills combined with Amber's brand vision and creative writing – Bryan Anthonys has gained a dedicated following of customers across the US and worldwide, shifting Bryan Anthonys from an idea, started out of a studio apartment, to a beloved meaningful lifestyle brand that continues to connect and inspire millions of hearts.

With a passion to pursue purpose, the couple aims to transform the way we view fashion and the world around us — it’s about discovering personal style while embracing personal stories. By consciously offering meaningful designs, customers can always share and express who and what matters most.

Amber Glassman and Edward Glassman - Bryan Anthonys Founders

“I don't just write for me, I write for you- for whoever needs to hear this message. You are truly the inspiration behind these words. Just know, that no matter where you’ve been or where you're going, I see you and I hear you - your story matters.”

Amber Glassman - Bryan Anthonys CEO

Designed with Love and
Written From The Heart

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Amber Glassman, personally writes every inspirational message that accompanies our products. Her heart and soul truly goes into every writing and every product that our company releases.

Through her own difficult experiences, she realized that life is full of ups and downs - it’s important to honor our whole stories, not just certain chapters. Her writings are composed of topics like friendship, love and adventure, but also thoughtfully include the unexpected challenges of loss, hurt, and heartache. She believes that it’s important to give each other the space and grace to move through our pain. It’s only in our deepest acceptance of what is, that we can begin to start the ongoing process of healing.

Even though our company has grown exponentially - and things have greatly changed since launching this from her bedroom - her belief in stories, love for writing and passion to connect others through her words will always remain a constant.