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Style Doesn't Own Us;

we own style

A brand developed so that women can create their own style and feel good about any outfit choice. Every item is thoughtfully created to be both fashionable and significant. Bryan Anthonys  is more than just another fashion label - it is a lifestyle.

It represents empowerment and positivity. It is an indication of life's fragility and the importance of self expression. It’s about living life like you want it to mean something and making every moment you are given count.

we are bryan anthonys

About BryanAnthonys

about us

Named after co-founder Amber Reynolds’ brother, whose young life was tragically taken due to a severe case of bacterial meningitis, Bryan Anthonys was founded from the verifiable truth that we are only given one life — time isn't something that is guaranteed so we shouldn't waste it trying to be someone we are not. The brand was created in honor of Bryan, with the hopes that they could encourage others to make life meaningful.


You Won't Believe How
Far We've Come!

  • 2009 Ed + Amber go on their first date
  • 2015 Bryan Anthonys is founded
  • 2016 Ed + Amber move to Austin, TX.
  • 2016 Tribe Necklace is a runaway hit.
  • 2017 Ed + Amber get married!
  • 2017 The success of Bryan Anthonys continues to grow!

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