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Our beloved best seller "Grit" just expanded it's collection. Whether you are looking for the perfect dainty necklace or adding a statement piece to your wardrobe - you do not want to miss out on these newest additions. “She is unshakable not because she doesn’t know pain or failure, but because she always pushes through. Because she always shows up and never gives up. Because she believes anything is possible no matter the odds. And perhaps what makes her beautiful has less to do with what lies upon the surface and more to do with what lies within. She isn’t just beautiful because of her appearance. No, she is beautiful because of the way she chooses to live and love. In the way she embraces all of life’s experiences — good or bad. In her willingness to bend but never break, and in her courage to believe that the darkness can’t hold her as long as she continues to create her own light. She is just like a pearl — made from grit but full of grace. She is unstoppable — she knows it’s not what happens, but how she chooses to respond, with perseverance in her mind and passion in her heart.”

Model wearing Baroque Pearls bracelet and rings

Baroque pearls

Discover our collection of Baroque Pearls, featuring a wide assortment of pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets in modern and classic designs.  Iridescent, lustrous, and one-of-a-kind, Baroque Pearls are each perfect in their own way and treasured for their unique appeal.

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Statement pieces

Statement Pieces for Everyday Wear.  These statement pieces are all about visibility.  Designed to to create contrast and highlight femininity. Pearls are loved for their warmth and iridescence.  The irregularity and subtlety these pearls embody are truly special and hold meaning.  These pieces are curated, tasteful, and can be worn in an effortless way.  The statement necklaces can be worn with bare shoulders to create a visual impact or with a simple white t-shirt or dress. Don’t miss out on these eye-catching pieces that draw immediate attention.

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