Bangle bracelets from Bryan Anthonys are known for a fun, carefree, chic style that can dress up any outfit. Traditionally, bangles are closed circular pieces that add flair to any occasion – from your favorite athleisure wear, to jeans and a tee, to a night out on the town. Our bangles are clasped, hinged bracelets that create a unique look and feel to the traditional bangle. These fine pieces are one-of-a-kind and each one offers a meaningful and inspiring message.

Are bangle bracelets in style?

Bangles bracelets will never go out of style. Stack them as a set or wear them individually. Our meaningful and beautiful gold or silver finished pieces will catch the most discerning eye. Bangles can be the perfect jewelry choice for everyone from the eccentric fashionista, to the tried-and-true classic gal.

What is the difference between a bangle and a bracelet?

Bangles are essentially just a style of bracelet. However, bracelets offer a wider variety in terms of style, clasp closure, and material. Ultimately, a bracelet can encompass almost any piece of jewelry you wear on your arm. Bangles are circular shaped, rigid, and ours are made of metal. Bryan Anthonys dainty bangles are available in gold or silver finishes.

How tight should a bangle be?

For an ideal fit, you should have enough room to fit two fingers comfortably in between your wrist and your bangle bracelet. The size of a bangle should be determined by the size of your hand, not your wrist. You want your bangle to fit your wrist perfectly, without pressing into your skin.