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Rays of Hope

Hold fast to what brings warmth to your core

A locket designed to help you hold the people, places, and moments that make your days brighter, especially through your most difficult journeys.


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Rays Of Hope is our newly launched locket necklace, designed specifically for Cancer Awareness. Amber, CEO and Co-Founder of Bryan Anthonys, wrote the poetry that accompanies the locket with admiration and respect to the stories of those impacted by cancer. Being able to create for those who are on journeys so difficult yet so powerful, and to be able to give to this community, is breathtakingly important and humbling.

Our locket was designed with the intention to help you hold what encourages you to overcome the shadows that fall and to carry the people, places, and moments that make your days brighter — a forever light that breaks through.

We hope you wear this locket to remind yourself that you are needed and you are loved. For you to know you are not alone. Carry your Rays of Hope everywhere you go.


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Designs for a Difference


Rays Of Hope means to inspire a core belief in oneself and strength in community, even in the most trying of times. A part of that is the recognition of all who currently have cancer, are survivors, or are supporting a loved one battling cancer. We are moved by their stories and ongoing persistence. We are honored to partner with Regarding Cancer — a nonprofit providing free services to those who have been impacted by cancer and include them as part of our Designs For A Difference family.

Bryan Anthonys will donate 10% of proceeds from Rays Of Hope to Regarding Cancer to help them further achieve their mission:

“Regarding Cancer is a local nonprofit that provides free support services to anyone impacted by cancer – including individuals with a current or past cancer diagnosis as well as their family, friends and caregivers.

Regarding Cancer staff and volunteers know how it feels to hear the words “you have cancer." We understand, and our programs are designed to help participants navigate the complex journey of cancer care. Together we create a caring community bound by hope, connection and support.”

All services are free of charge and completely confidential. You are able to volunteer as a survivor or a caregiver. To learn more about their Oncology center visitation or support group programs you can visit their website by clicking the link below or call them at 512-213-4993.

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We want to complete this journal entry with our CEO and Co-Founder Amber’s poetry that accompanies Rays Of Hope — a message to all to live for today and look to tomorrow with hope and courage.

"When the storm makes a home of your body and washes over your mind — an unwanted guest with uncertainty entwined. When the days are challenging and the nights are long. When the surge of emotions are overwhelming and you’re unsure which of them belong. It’s okay to grieve a thousand oceans while learning to swim. It’s okay to build one hundred mountains from the worries within. For all that appears outside your control and all that remains restless inside your soul, light can still find you beyond what is seen. May you discover the pieces of light, the rays of hope, that gracefully shine between here and the horizon of the unknown. Hold fast to what brings warmth to your core — to the moments of joy that wrap you in gold. The sun disappears but always returns — a warmth that cannot always be seen, but is always there. Echoing in the sky, awaiting to rise — a forever light that breaks through."

— Amber Glassman, CEO & Co-Founder

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