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The Guide on How to Wear and Style Rings

Rings are one of the most popular and fun fashion accessories out there. Styles and types of rings are well beyond the traditional engagement and wedding rings that once were the only thing you’d think of when you hear the word ring. Knowing how to wear rings might seem like an easy task, but it actually takes a bit of effort to put together and style the right combination.

The following guide will offer tips and show you how to style rings and achieve an effortless look. In this article, we'll cover:

What to Consider When it Comes to Wearing Rings

When wearing rings, you always want to take into consideration the outfit you're wearing. Equally important is thinking about how your rings will complement any other jewelry or accessories you want to wear. This can help you narrow down styles and wearing options.

How it Compliments Other Jewelry

Unless you’re wearing a statement piece, most of the time your rings should be thought of as an accent to the rest of your jewelry. This helps you achieve and complete that pulled-together look you want. To do this, just think about the color, style and size of all the jewelry you're wearing.

Which Finger to Wear Your Ring

What finger to wear a ring on is not just a fashion statement, it can actually reveal a bit about your personality and individual style. Maybe you’ll stack thin bands on your pointer or ring finger, or you might try wearing rings on every other finger for a balanced, but edgy look. Gone are the days when one only finger should wear a ring. Unless it’s an engagement ring or wedding band, you can wear rings on any finger you want!

The Ring Style

Think about what style of ring you want to wear. A few choices include cocktail rings, cluster rings, stacked rings, and the ever-classic look of a simple band.

Is it a Statement Piece?

A statement piece is often large, bold, eye-catching, and more extravagant than other rings. A cocktail ring or a large gemstone ring are examples of statement pieces.

The Option to Wear Multiple Rings

Sometimes, the occasion is just right to wear multiple rings. You can always use your jewelry to express yourself and your style. Choose a variety of sizes and color combinations to really make a statement. You might even select a few rings that sit above the knuckle.

The Ring Size and Fit

Your rings should snuggly, but not too tightly, fit whichever fingers they’ll be worn on. For example, a large, bold, chunky statement ring would most often be worn on the middle or index finger. You probably wouldn’t wear a statement ring on your thumb or pinky. Not only would that be uncomfortable, it would likely look out of place.

Does it Match Your Style

Like the rest of your outfit and accessories, you should choose rings that match your own personal style. If there are certain colors or shapes you like, find rings that show off those preferences and reflect your personality. Jewelry can always be a reflection of who you are and it’s one of the most fun ways to display that!

How to Wear Rings with Special Meanings

Sometimes ring styling means finding a ring with special meaning. This might include rings with personal sentimental value. Bryan Anthonys carries a huge selection of meaningful and stylish rings that are perfect as a gift for that special someone in your life. They’re also a great just-because gift you want to treat yourself with.

Wearing Rings on Different Fingers (and what they mean)

When learning how to wear rings on multiple fingers, keep in mind that sometimes wearing a ring on different fingers has different meanings. The following will help you decide ring placement, how to style rings on your fingers, and what finger to wear a ring on.

  • Pinky Finger: Associated with intelligence and where family crests are usually worn.
  • Ring Finger: Associated with the wedding ring.
  • Middle Finger: Represents strength and balance. It's often where your statement ring could be.
  • Index Finger: Associated with power and authority.
  • Thumb Finger: Often associated with character and creativity.

How to Wear Multiple Rings

There's definitely an art to learning how to style rings on your fingers and how to layer rings to achieve a hip, trendy look. You might want to experiment with combinations of dainty rings, stackable rings, and different styles of each.

Layer with Dainty Rings

Dainty rings are extremely versatile and great for wearing multiples. Bryan Anthonys has a huge selection of cute and dainty rings to choose from.

Choose Stackable Rings

If you want to know how to style multiple rings, wearing stackable rings is a start. The best stackable rings typically include simple band rings. This is because they sit comfortably on your finger and sit nicely next to one another.

Mix and Match Different Ring Styles

When figuring out how to wear a ring, you'll want to mix and match different styles. Think: thinner and wider bands next to each other. Not only does the contrast look great, but it also gives you versatility to your styling choices. If this is a look you tend to wear often, be sure to keep multiple rings on hand so you have lots of styling options.

Ways to Style Your Ring

To keep an effortless look and achieve a chic style, it’s essential to know what hand to wear rings on and how to wear rings on multiple fingers. This also helps when you’re figuring out the best ways to style your rings.

Find Out Which Metal Matches your Tone

There’s no hard, fast rule on this, but sometimes you want to match metals to your skin tone. Those who look good in cooler colors may want to select silver, while people with warmer skin tones often look good wearing gold.

Mix Different Metals Together

Mixing gold and silver looks good on any skin tone. This increasingly popular combination can result in a classic look. Refer to our How to Wear Gold and Silver Together guide for more on mixing your metals.

Wear a Statement Piece

A statement piece can be anything that draws attention and becomes a focal point. You could wear a colorful gemstone as your statement piece, or a ring with an unusual shape or design.

Try Wearing a Ring on Each Finger

This is a bold look that could include several options. You might want to wear a statement piece or a stack on the middle finger. You can also complement your statement ring with thin bands on the remaining fingers.

Coordinate Your Outfit with Your Rings

Coordinating your rings with other jewelry is just as important as doing so with your outfit. In general, a statement ring can really set the tone and be the showstopper. These striking, often large rings tend to go best with an understated outfit. On the flip side, dainty rings can be the perfect finishing touch on statement outfits. How formal or informal your outfit is can help determine what rings you select.

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Wearing and Styling Rings FAQs

Is it OK to wear a ring on your wedding finger if you are not married?

Absolutely. This fashion rule is out of date (just like the whole “not wearing white after Labor Day” rule is!)

How tight should a ring be?

A ring should fit snugly, but easily, over your knuckles.

How long does it take to get used to wearing a ring?

If you're not used to wearing rings, it might take you a few weeks to get that natural feel. But stick with it - it’s worth it in the end and it won’t take too long to get used to your new jewelry.

Which way should a ring face?

A ring will normally face out, but ultimately, it's a matter of personal style which way you face your rings.

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