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The Guide to Wearing Gold and Silver Jewelry Together

When styling a look, many people find themselves wondering if it is okay to wear silver and gold jewelry together.

The truth is, mixing gold and silver jewelry together can offer an alluring look that a lot of people want to try. They’re just unsure about how to pull it off. Each metal gives a unique addition to your look, and this guide provides you with all the tips you need to help ensure you put together a beautiful and well-coordinated style, especially when you’re wearing gold and silver together.

In this article we'll cover everything to think about when mixing gold and silver jewelry:

Choose a Piece With Mixed Metal to Compliment Other Pieces

Have you been asking yourself: Can I wear gold and silver together? The answer? Yes, you definitely can!

You just need to know how to complement each piece against one another. For an easy way to guarantee your gold and silver looks great together, start with jewelry that already has mixed metals. This could be a bracelet or a necklace with both silver and gold. Let this piece bridge other items you want to wear that are solid silver or just gold.

Select One Area to Wear Your Pieces

When mixing silver and gold jewelry, you can focus on one particular area to draw attention. For example, if you’re trying to figure out how to wear gold and silver rings together, you might wear several gold and silver bands on the same finger, or try wearing gold and silver statement pieces on each hand.

Include Something Colorful to Tie Pieces Together

Wearing gold and silver together works especially well when you add a burst of color to the mix. This might mean wearing a bright, colorful pendant necklace, or even a jeweled bracelet to offset the look of the two metals against each other.

Layer Pieces Together

Layering gold and silver, whether it’s with rings, bracelets or necklaces, is a great idea, but you might want to stay focused on one area. The options to layer different metals really are endless.

For more ideas on how to layer your jewelry, check out our guide on How to Layer Necklaces.

Stay Within One Style When Mixing Gold and Silver

Try to stay within one style when mixing metals. This can help achieve that harmonious, put-together look you’re after. When wearing a gold and silver necklace together, or gold and silver rings, you can achieve symmetry by selecting pieces that are similar in size or design or that complement each other.

Don’t Include Jewelry You Wear Daily as Mixed Metal Pieces

Can you wear gold and silver together when mixing with pieces you wear on a daily basis? Sure, but you probably won’t mix your daily pieces with other metals very often.

Daily worn pieces might include a wedding ring, a watch or a sentimental piece you always wear. Wearing gold and silver together provides an almost endless variety of gorgeous combinations, but sometimes the classics are enough on their own.

Accessorize Around Your Jewelry Pieces

When you're wondering if do gold and silver go together, remember to accessorize around each of the gold and silver jewelry pieces to bring them together into one incredible look.

Can you wear silver and gold necklaces together? Yes! Sometimes, to make this look work, you might want to wear a simple outfit so the focus remains on your jewelry. For example, wearing a simple white T-shirt and jeans with your mix and match gold and silver jewelry is a timeless, classic, understated look that works from daytime into the night life hours.

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How to Wear Gold and Silver Together FAQ

Is mixing gold and silver tacky?

No, mixing gold and silver is not tacky. When asking, can you wear silver and gold jewelry together, the answer is clearly yes. If done correctly, it's not only classy, it’s a great look. If you’re wearing gold and silver combined jewelry, you should experiment with a variety of styles, looks and types.

Is it unlucky to wear gold and silver together?

No, it’s not unlucky to wear gold and silver together. If you want to mix and match gold and silver, rest assured, there’s absolutely no truth to that silly old wives’ tale! You'll realize how incredible this look is as soon as you put together a stylish combination.

Does silver react with gold?

Chemically, silver and gold don't react to one another. You can wear them together without worrying about damage.

Can I wear a gold necklace with silver earrings?

Wearing a gold necklace with silver earrings can absolutely be a look that goes together. Make sure to follow our styling guidelines and tips shared here, so you know about using a bridge piece or how to wear similar styles and shapes when mixing metals.

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