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There are chapters inside you waiting to be written. Craft each page with love and meaning. Embrace the unexpected plots and twists and never underestimate the power of a blank page. You are the author of your own story. And your story matters.

GRIT — Debbye K.
Grit Pearl Necklace in Gold with Description Meaning Card

Grit is so me!

I'm a June birthday girl, and when I was very young, I never liked that pearl was my birthstone. Why not something sparkly and colorful instead? Until I saw the Grit Necklace, and thought about how pearls come to be... and that pearl mirrored my life. Bend but not break, strength to endure even the loss of a child, courage to walk through the darkness and to be the light, choosing how to respond to life with grace and love. That's me, all right, believing anything is possible, grit with grace. I love, love, love this necklace!

— Debbye K.

Always In My Heart Necklace in Gold with Description Meaning Card

I’ll probably never take off. I lost my very best friend in December to cancer. He was my rock and the person I could vent to. The one person that was always real to me. He didn’t sugar coat anything. I missed his last call to me. He died a few days later. I have been having trouble grieving and finding the right words. The meaning card that came with the necklace said it all. I can’t read it out loud because I can’t get through it without crying. But it has started helping me on the road to starting to heal.

— Amanda S.

It Doesn't End Here Semi Colon Necklace in Gold with Description Meaning Card

Beautiful Reminder

I absolutely love this necklace!! As a survivor of a suicide attempt, this necklace is a beautiful reminder of my life! Throughout the day, being able to look down and see the delicate design, serves as beacon for me. Thank you for this. Thank you for taking the time to remind us all that our story isn’t over. I wear it every day. Not only to help me, but to be a statement to the world that it didn’t beat me and to be a conversation piece to others who may be struggling. It’s important for us to all know there’s so much more to our stories than one page in our book!! Much love!!

— Michelle W.

Strength Necklace in Gold with Description Meaning Card


I found your company over the holiday season. I found three beautiful sayings for the three special woman in my life. My mom, Best Friend of 20+ yrs, and my sister-in-law. They all loved the choices that I chose for them. I'm a three year breast cancer survivor [who] just found out in the beginning of January that I will be fighting this for the 2nd time in my life. My attitude and strength got me through the first journey and that is exactly what’s going to push me to conquer this again. So when I read the message with the necklace for Strength I knew that was the one for me to wear and help me conquer the days. Thank you.

— C. Lewis

Beautifully Broken Ring with Meaning Card

I love my ring, having lost my husband to cancer my heart is so broken with grieving that doesn't end. When I saw this beautiful ring I knew I had to have it, it gives me strength and gives me some sort of peace. The ring is so beautiful plus dainty yet very powerful to me. Thank you Bryan Anthonys for your meaningful beautiful jewelry. I will be buying more pieces.

— Marina S.

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About Us


Everyone has a beautiful and unique story to tell. Through the powerful writing of our founder, Amber Glassman, Bryan Anthonys empowers others to share their own story. When we share our stories, we find pieces of ourselves within one another. Our meaningful products are designed to inspire an authentic connection between us and help us realize we are not alone in our journey.