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Bryan Anthonys Grit baroque pearl necklace silver

Grit Necklace

$44.00 $50.00 (12 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys Squad necklace dainty sun moon silver

Squad Necklace

$48.00 $56.00 (14 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys dainty Strength spark necklace silver

Strength Necklace

$48.00 $56.00 (14 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys All In Silver Necklace On Card

All In Necklace

$48.00 $56.00 (14 % OFF)

bryan anthonys designs for a difference pause necklace anxiety give back silver

Pause Necklace

$48.00 $56.00 (14 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys overcome rainbow necklace silver

Overcome Necklace

$44.00 $50.00 (12 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys Wild At Heart Magic Within Silver Pendent Necklace On Card OUT OF STOCK

Magic Within Necklace

$54.00 $64.00 (16 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys All In Gold Silver On Card NEW

All In Ring

$36.00 $42.00 (14 % OFF)

bryan anthonys faith over fear necklace mindful messages silver OUT OF STOCK

Faith Over Fear Necklace

$48.00 $56.00 (14 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys dainty my anchor necklace 14k gold

My Anchor Necklace

$44.00 $50.00 (12 % OFF)

Bryan Anthonys Grit Silver Choker Necklace On Card LOW STOCK

Grit Choker

$42.00 $48.00 (13 % OFF)

How do you care for silver finish jewelry?

All of Bryan Anthonys jewelry, including our fine silver finished necklaces, should be stored in the original packaging or another soft pouch or bag. Do not store silver pieces alongside any hard or sharp objects that could chip or scratch the beautiful finish. Don’t clean any dainty silver necklace with any chemicals or harsh abrasives. Jewelry polishes and cleaners should be avoided, as should any beauty products. Remove your silver necklace before showering, swimming, or working out.

What does silver finish mean?

Sterling silver jewelry is a fine precious metal alloy, made from 92.5% pure silver. It’s strong and long-lasting, so you can enjoy it for years to come. Every Bryan Anthonys silver piece is sealed with an anti tarnish coating that helps protect the finish and keep it looking as beautiful as it was the first day you wore it.

Is silver finish real silver?

Bryan Anthonys silver necklaces are 92.5% pure silver, which is considered sterling. Fine silver is 99.9% pure, and while beautiful, it’s too soft to use for jewelry. Silver finished jewelry is alloyed with copper or other metals and coated to protect the finish from scratches and oxidation.