Rose Gold Finish Necklaces

Rose gold finish necklaces are a new take on the classic silver and gold metals that jewelry is often found in. Rose gold finish offers a pink, pretty, polished look, adding charm and style to any fine necklace. The dainty look of rose gold finish necklaces by Bryan Anthonys is the ideal choice when you’re looking for something a little different but still rich and classy. Perfect to wear with mixed metals if you’re looking for a unique, stylish, layered look.

What's the difference between gold and rose gold?

Rose gold is made by mixing silver and copper alloys. While it is real, rose gold isn’t 100% gold. The addition of the silver and copper metals help to strengthen rose gold while offering the pink hue. For a deeper rose color, more copper can be used.

What does rose gold finish mean?

Rose gold finished fine jewelry has a base metal under a thin layer of the rose gold coating to finish the piece with the classic rosy color and look. Like other Bryan Anthonys metal options, rose gold jewelry is finished with an anti tarnish, clear coating to protect and preserve the gorgeous color.

How do you keep rose gold finish jewelry from tarnishing?

To keep your rose gold Bryan Anthonys jewelry necklace looking as beautiful as it did the first time you put it on, don’t wear it in water or when working out. Store your rose gold jewelry in the soft pouch it came in, and don’t use harsh or abrasive cleaners on it. Although rose gold tends to be a bit more durable than white or yellow gold, proper caretaking will make sure your piece lasts forever.