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Bryan Anthonys
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Bryan Anthonys
Can Help You
Tell Your Story
with Jewelry.
Here’s How.

Reconnect with your truth, embrace the present moment, and honor the paths of your unique journey with Bryan Anthonys’ collection of modern accessories.

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  1. 1. Each Piece Represents a Unique Moment.

Discover a message, mantra, or symbol that represents where you are or where you’ve been in Bryan Anthony’s collection of delicate accessories. No matter what you’re going through, you can find a piece that will deliver the words they need to hear—and remind you that you’re not experiencing this moment alone.

Bryan Anthonys Grit necklace on card

  1. 2. The Messages are Deeply Relatable.

Co-founder Amber Glassman personally writes purposeful prose to accompany each piece, providing words of comfort, inspiration, love, and self-reflection when you need them most.

  • “Love it. I wear it daily and I am reminded to breathe when I touch it. Gives me physical encouragement as well as emotional support! Love the necklace 
and the message.”

    Amy B., Pause Necklace

  • “Absolutely in love with this special piece. It holds such a strong meaning for me and is perfect in every way. It’s stunningly simple and made beautifully.”

    Hannah R., Move Mountains Necklace

  • “I bought this to replace my wedding ring after my 20-year marriage ended. The title, Beautifully Broken, seemed to perfectly fit my situation, and when I see it on my finger (index finger), I am reminded that there is no broken that can't be built back up even better. ”

    Elizabeth P., Beautifully Broken Ring

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  1. 4. They’re Thoughtfully Made & Intentionally Designed

Each piece is designed to express the sentiment of the accompanying card with modern pendants that are artfully made and deeply symbolic. The pieces are nickel-free, plated with 14k gold or silver, and sealed with an anti-tarnish finish to ensure they hold their shine for a long time.

Bryan Anthonys Always in my heart necklace, on card

  1. 5. Priceless Gifts.
    Affordable Prices.

The perfect gift is worth its weight in gold, but we charge much less than that. With Bryan Anthonys, you are always getting so much more than what you paid.

Let’s Tell Your Story.