If you have that special someone in your life and you’re looking for the right necklace to celebrate your friendship, a best friend necklace from Bryan Anthonys is the perfect solution. Choose one with a sentimental and meaningful message that’s symbolic of your relationship, so they’ll hold your love and admiration as close to their heart as possible, every time they wear it.

How do best friend necklaces work?

There’s no right or wrong way to share a best friend necklace. Just find one that best symbolizes your relationship. The perfect inspirational message will let them know exactly how you feel. Every time they put on a meaningful Bryan Anthonys friendship necklace they’ll be reminded of your unique bond. Wear them as a set, select matching necklaces, or just give something you know she’ll love as a reminder of the friendship you cherish.

Do friendship necklaces need to match or come in a pair?

No! You can give a sweet, sentimental token of your friendship, or you can get a set or pair. There aren’t rules when it comes to Bryan Anthonys best friend necklaces. Fine, sweet necklaces are available in gold, silver, or rose gold finishes. Mix and match with one for yourself, or find a complementary one that offsets your besties.

What does a friendship necklace symbolize?
Friendship necklaces symbolize a meaningful, special bond between two people. They’re for that person in your life who knows you inside and out and can finish your sentences. She’s a shoulder to cry on, an ear to vent to, or someone you can always share a bellyache laugh with. That’s your best friend, and a Bryan Anthonys friendship necklace symbolizes the unique connection you share.