Demi-fine jewelry signals quality, high-end jewelry that’s affordable without being cheap. Bryan Anthonys demi-fine pieces stand apart from other brands, with balanced metals and an impeccable attention to detail used in every piece. From the design, to the inscription, to the finish, every single meaningful piece of demi-fine jewelry you’ll find at Bryan Anthonys is sure to be a favorite, year after year, in her jewelry box.

What is Demi-fine jewelry?
The term demi-fine is used to signify high-quality, well-made jewelry that’s more affordable than expensive fine jewelry. Bryan Anthonys is known for affordable, luxury, demi-fine jewelry, made from precious metals. Our gold finish is considered Vermeil, which is a high standard using a sterling silver base and layered in at least 10k gold. We go above and beyond, using 14k gold and sterling silver. Unlike costume jewelry, which is made with cheaper base metals, our demi-fine jewelry won’t discolor and never contains nickel. Designed to be made and worn every day, when properly cared for, your Bryan Anthonys demi-fine jewelry will last forever.
How popular is Demi-fine jewelry?
Demi-fine jewelry has become increasingly popular as people want beautiful, high-quality jewelry, but don’t want to invest top dollars splurging on just one or two pieces. From delicate stones and metals, to geometric shapes, to stacks, our demi-fine jewelry allows you to own, wear, and enjoy multiple gorgeous pieces, without breaking the bank.
How do you clean Demi-fine jewelry?
Properly caring for your demi-fine jewelry is important. All our jewelry is sealed with an anti-tarnish clear coating that protects and preserves the beautiful look and hue for years. For best results, remove your Bryan Anthonys demi-fine jewelry before swimming, showering, or working out. Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, and other skincare or beauty products that may tarnish or damage your favorite demi-fine pieces.