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Endless Necklace

Your life is going to move you. It is going to astonish you with what it has to offer. There are endless possibilities waiting to be discovered. There is still so much to see, to learn, to love, to do — the world has so much left for you. Explore with your heart. Find everything that makes you wonder. Stay curious. Live life endlessly — create endless memories, extend endless love, make life an endless adventure. There are no boundaries — the possibilities are infinite. You are free. You are brave. You are endless.


Product Information & Fit
Made In America & Designed by Bryan Anthonys 
Length: 18"
Materials: Metal
Available Finishes: 14K Gold (Nickel Free) and Silver (Nickel Free)

Gift Wrapping: All items come gift wrapped - Click HERE to see our packaging
14k Gold
Earn up to 39 pts

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